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Wally's Umbrella

Updated: May 10, 2023

One day, Wally was coming back from school with her dad.

She was thinking of the sweet sound of the rain last night when at a traffic red light, she noticed a small boy stranded on the other side of the road due to a large water puddle. The puddle looked like a vast blanket sprawled on the road. The boy had a worried expression, and he seemed to be too shy to ask for help.

"Papa, we need to help him."

"How do we do that? This is a big puddle. If we step in, we'd be drenched."

"We'll figure out a way. We must help others. Let me think."

She looked around, her hands moving quickly, and saw an umbrella in the car's side pocket.


She unfastened her seat belt, exited her car seat, and opened the door. Next, she got the umbrella out and opened it. She flipped it upside down and threw it in the water. She rolled her sleeves and tiptoed into the umbrella. With her little hands, she rowed it and got to the boy.

"What's your name?"

"Sahil.", he said softly.

"How did you get stuck here?"

"I was going to meet a friend of mine."

"I see. No worries, hop on."

Sahil was elated. He carefully got into the umbrella. They rowed back to the other side of the road.

"Thank you.", he said, smiling.

Wally smiled back and said, "You are welcome."

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